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49 99 arizona online unarmed skills training course for - arizona s first dps approved online security guard card training from licensed instructors and facilities 49 99 8 hour unarmed security guard skills training course, security guard training central classes courses online - security guard training security guards are needed in many different venues across the country and around each state from shopping malls to offices concerts schools and apartment buildings and even electrical distribution sites and nuclear power plants, california unarmed skills training course for security guards - california unarmed skills training course for security guards guard card we offer the full suite of licensed bsis security officer training california guard card courses bsis guard card courses including full 40 hour bsis skills training course for security guards firearms qualification and re qualifications, 8hr unarmed courses az security group - 8 hours unarmed courses security training center llc in association with arizona security group llc are proud to offer the first comprehensive online unarmed security guard training program for the state of arizona click the login button below to enroll purchase or continue the unarmed courses course features, ohio army national guard wikipedia - the ohio army national guard is a part of the ohio national guard and the army national guard of the united states army it is also a component of the organized militia of the state of ohio which also includes the ohio naval militia the ohio military reserve and the ohio air national guard the ohio army national guard consists of a variety of combat combat support and combat service support, member directory protective security council - you can take a deep dive in to the psc member directory and find the psc member with exactly the security skills and capabilities you need click on advanced search and then select the specialties and qualifications that you want for example you can search by geographic location by security specialty and any number of other criteria, u s news latest national news videos photos abc - the hill fire and the woolsey fire exploded in size overnight, texas military forces wikipedia - the texas military forces is the three branch military of the u s state of texas it is composed of the texas army national guard the texas air national guard and the texas state guard all three branches are administered by the state adjutant general an appointee of the texas governor and fall under the command of the governor the army and air national guards are under the command of, kaneohe gun shop training - 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