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can a true believer depart from the faith - can a true believer depart from the faith can a saved person totally abandon his faith in christ, systematic theology by louis berkhof monergism - i the existence of god a place of the doctrine of god in dogmatics works on dogmatic or systematic theology generally begin with the doctrine of god, calvin on self authentication called to communion - if the bible alone is our authority shouldn t we be able to prove this from the bible if we can t and if we accept it nevertheless doesn t that mean that, solo scriptura sola scriptura and the question of - according to keith mathison over the last one hundred and fifty years evangelicalism has replaced sola scriptura according to which scripture is the only infallible ecclesial authority with solo scriptura the notion that scripture is the only ecclesial authority, how do we know ignatius letters are genuine shameless - i would gently suggest that this is a rather uncharitable interpretation of luther et al it also runs into a bit of a problem of motivation what exactly was the reformer s objective, is the trinity true or false is the trinity biblical - the origin of the trinity doctrine it was about a century after tertullian when arianism began causing so many disputes that constantine convened the first ecumenical council in church history to settle them, saved by grace 9 is baptism a work jack cottrell - many in the christian world will vehemently reject just about everything i said in the previous lesson part 8 saved by grace saved in baptism this is, pro ecclesia center for catholic and evangelical theology - a journal of catholic and evangelical theology phillip cary editor pro ecclesia is the theology journal of the center for catholic and evangelical theology it publishes academically rigorous articles on biblical liturgical historical and doctrinal topics aiming to serve the church and thus be pro ecclesia promote its ecumenical unity, hebrews 4 14 commentary precept austin - hebrews 4 14 therefore since we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens jesus the son of god let us hold fast our confession nasb lockman greek e chontes oun archierea megan dieleluthota tous ouranous iesoun ton huion tou theou kratomen tes homologias, sabbathgate 1888 by kerry wynne bible - through a misunderstanding i happened to be the person rebuked in the place of the one for whom the rebuke was intended and who justly merited it, metzger on the errors of the new world translation - the jehovah s witnesses and jesus christ a biblical and theological appraisal by bruce m metzger theology today 10 1 april 1953 pp 65 85 i who are the jehovah s witnesses