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how to make count function in excel count this cell only - i am trying to count a column in excel but i want it to be counted only if it is not blank and has value in another column here i want to count the number of cells in text2 which are not blank and, how do you switch to a different site template in - if you used a site template such as the document center template and wish to use a different template such as a team site how can you accomplish this more importantly how do you do this wit, public holidays 2018 usa uk canada australia nsw - here you can holiday calendar 2018 of different countries like public holidays 2018 usa uk canada australia nsw qld sa malaysia etc, lewis and clark expedition wikipedia - the lewis and clark expedition from may 1804 to september 1806 also known as the corps of discovery expedition was the first american expedition to cross the western portion of the united states it began near st louis made its way westward and passed through the continental divide of the americas to reach the pacific coast the corps of discovery was a selected group of us army volunteers, welcome the krizner group - the krizner group is a full service law firm that concentrates its practice in assisting organizations both before and after disputes arise the firm s preventative services division aids clients in implementing policies and procedures that will help avoid costly lawsuits and other organizational problems before they occur, 9 surah at taubah the repentance sayyid abul ala - 9 surah at taubah the repentance sayyid abul ala maududi tafhim al qur an the meaning of the qur an, how to find first non zero value in a column stack overflow - in column a first value is 0 second is 0 third is 17 fourth is 0 and fifth is 32 in this case first non zero value is 17 how to calculate it by formula, constitution of the philippines wikipedia - the constitution of the philippines filipino saligang batas ng pilipinas or konstitusyon ng pilipinas is the constitution or supreme law of the republic of the philippines its final draft was completed by the constitutional commission on october 12 1986 and was ratified by a nationwide plebiscite on february 2 1987