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dear mom everything your teenage daughter wants you to - dear mom everything your teenage daughter wants you to know but will never tell you melody carlson on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers hear your daughter s heart without the angst arguments or arm wrestling raising a teen daughter can be like trying to chart a course underwater you can drown in an ocean of one word answers, everything everything by nicola yoon goodreads - my disease is as rare as it is famous basically i m allergic to the world i don t leave my house have not left my house in seventeen years the only people i ever see are my mom and my nurse carla but then one day a moving truck arrives next door i look out my window and i see him he, can i take my final early i bought plane tickets - i need to take the final early student said i bought plane tickets my colleague who teaches at another college told student put your request in writing and i ll have to take it to the department, amazon com fluent in 3 months how anyone at any age can - benny lewis who speaks over ten languages all self taught runs the largest language learning blog in the world fluent in 3 months lewis is a full time language hacker someone who devotes all of his time to finding better faster and more efficient ways to learn languages, the 3 lessons i learned after accidentally buying a liquor - the 3 lessons i learned after accidentally buying a liquor store february 18 2014 i bought a liquor store last year it was sort of an accident, microsoft wants autistic coders can it fast company - adickman is autistic he is 26 years old with a full beard and a broad shouldered build but his affect chatty guileless and eager to please makes him seem younger than his age, we sold our house no more mortgages budgets are sexy - well they say it only takes one buyer to want your house and one buyer did we get we sold our house guys i can t believe it over a month on the market over another month for the closing and then boom docs signed and the biggest financial mistake of our lives officially came to a close 9 years from not knowing jack about money all the way to where we are now having a much better, meditations on moloch slate star codex - this is strikingly beautiful one of the best i ve read from you one somewhat rambling thought i took away from this post oddly enough is that in the face of a potential superintelligence the status quo is not the only alternative to trying to build a friendly ai, he wants me to take his name but i want to keep mine - wws there s no clear response here minus that he s not being fair i know right now i can t decide between switching or keeping and don t have strong feelings either way about changing my name quite yet although i know it ll be a hassle with my professional board as everything s a hassle with them, why i bought rockstar finance esi money - esi money is about helping you grow your net worth the path to get there involves three simple steps starting with the letters e s i you can read more about the site the author and keys to becoming wealthy here you can sign up to receive esi money articles via email or by rss, garmin vivoactive 3 everything you need to know dc - today garmin announced a swath of new vivo branded wearable devices you ve got the vivoactive 3 which i m covering here but also the vivomove hr and vivosport which you ll see in another post those two are updates of the existing vivomove and vivosmart 3 yes the one that just, bug sweepers report everything you need to know about - the object to the right is a bug a tiny microphone that can be hidden almost anywhere it is but one in a startling arsenal of devices used today to spy on personal enemies competing companies and other world powers, startup growth paul graham - a company that grows at 1 a week will grow 1 7x a year whereas a company that grows at 5 a week will grow 12 6x a company making 1000 a month a typical number early in yc and growing at 1 a week will 4 years later be making 7900 a month which is less than a good programmer makes in salary in silicon valley, how to deal with clients who refuse to pay social triggers - drew the 180 comments seem to be missing a voice from the film industry there is always oversupply and a but like graphics and photography work you re competing with a continuous spectrum of the next kid over who says i can do it for 5 and some clients that can t tell the difference, world silver production 3 charts you won t see anywhere - when columbus arrived in america 1492 the world was only producing 7 million oz of silver a year today the world s largest primary silver mine fresnillo s sauicto mine produced three times that amount in just one year 22 million oz 2016