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partial differential equations for scientists and - partial differential equations beyond stanley j farlow s partial differential equations for scientists and engineers is one of the most widely used textbooks that dover has ever published readers of the many amazon reviews will easily find out why jerry as professor farlow is known to the mathematical community has written many other fine texts on calculus finite mathematics, partial differential equations second edition graduate - this is the second edition of the now definitive text on partial differential equations pde it offers a comprehensive survey of modern techniques in the theoretical study of pde with particular emphasis on nonlinear equations, mathematics books math books dover publications - mathematics of all the technical areas in which we publish dover is most recognized for our magnificent mathematics list we are the home of such world class theorists as paul j cohen set theory and the continuum hypothesis alfred tarski undecidable theories gary chartrand introductory graph theory hermann weyl the concept of a riemann surface shlomo sternberg dynamical systems