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ferrets our pets rspca - ferrets have an inquisitive nature and display a variety of playful behaviours if well handled by people from a young age ferrets can become socialized and learn to see humans as companions, ferrets for dummies kim schilling susan a brown - thinking about getting a ferret want to make sure you regiving the ferret you already have the best possible care ferrets for dummies helps you decide whether a ferret is foryou and give your little fellah a healthy happy home it spacked with practical information on feeding housing healthmaintenance and medical care, ferrets as pets information about ferret care and ferret - ferret teeth and claws ferrets have got five nonretractable claws on each of their paws these are specially designed for excavating and also clasping, pet advice from blue cross looking after your pets care - pet advice we have a range of pet advice information to help you look after your pet which you can download or read online if you can t find what you are looking for or you are concerned about your pet we always recommend that you contact your vet, heart of ohio ferret association - heart of ohio ferret association is currently seeking loving foster parents to support the many homeless ferrets being surrendered into our shelter until they find their forever homes, ferrets barron s pet owner s manual complete pet owner s - ferrets barron s pet owner s manual complete pet owner s manuals e lynn fox morton christine mathis on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers ferrets are playful little animals and make excellent pets for attentive owners however they are not recommended as pets for younger children here is reliable information on feeding, american ferret association inc - winter nats registration open register online afa winter nationals registration is now open you can now register your ferrets order catalogs reserve vending space place an ad in our show catalog and sponsor a title class ring, ferret natural history faq - what is the relationship between ferrets and other mustelids written by bob church the family mustelidae has been around for a very long time it is probably the oldest extant living family in the carnivora which means there are lots of different subgroups within the major group, pbs newsletters pbs newsletters pbs - pbs delivers the best news stories and insights directly to your inbox select the newsletters you wish to receive enter your email address and click sign up, www ferret world com how to keep your ferrets happy and - how to keep your ferrets healthy and happy throughout their lives you love your ferrets because they provide you with fun laughter and unconditional love in their own special way and you re a responsible owner who recognises the need to look after your little fuzzbutts in sickness and health throughout their lives or you are looking to get a new ferret and want to do lots of research on, prevent heartworms in dogs cats and ferrets year round - the bad news heartworm disease can be fatal to dogs cats and ferrets the good news you can protect your pet from this disease it s a preventable disease which is why it s so, nc dph rabies control in north carolina - rabies is a deadly viral disease that attacks the central nervous system of warm blooded animals particularly mammals in north carolina the most common type of rabies is raccoon variant rabies, small animal supplies products accessories for small - feed and take care of your guinea pig rabbit hamster or other small animal small animal pets make for great family friends as they are easily fed caged and cared for, dogs cats and ferrets jordbruksverket - dogs cats and ferrets that travel within the eu must have a pet passport your veterinarian can provide your pet with a passport, mountain view veterinary clinic veterinarian in hayden - located in beautiful hayden idaho dr bob erickson dr chaley rider and the staff of mountain view veterinary clinic are committed to your pet s health