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my first summer in the sierra john muir 9781511588645 - first summer in the sierra was a delight to read john muir s diary is fascinating due to his capacity of describing the different landscapes along his route as one of the shepherds tending a big flock of sheeps the yosemite river valley and the high sierra, john muir nature writings the story of my boyhood and - the writings in this book provide a foundation of appreciation for all encompassing nature this book can be judged by title john muir is genius and a poet, john muir john muir quotes on nature and god home - john muir quotes features john muir s spiritual views in his own words muir s thoughts and words about god and nature are presented here in as complete a form as possible, john muir john muir quotes on nature and god john muir - the web s most complete collection of john muir s thoughts about god and the spiritual aspects of nature, john muir scottish born american naturalist britannica com - john muir john muir scottish born american naturalist writer and advocate of u s forest conservation who was largely responsible for the establishment of sequoia national park and yosemite national park which are located in california muir s article on yosemite appeared in the 10th edition of the, john muir writings books and articles by john muir - the on line writings of john muir by dan anderson harold wood and harvey chinn, overview of the john muir trail socal hiker - the john muir trail is an epic 211 mile trail in the sierra nevada mountains that extends from yosemite to mt whitney the tallest peak in the lower 48 states the jmt is named after naturalist john muir founding member and original president of the sierra club muir construction on the trail began in, the laws field guide to the sierra nevada john muir laws - john muir said that when we try to pick out anything by itself we find it hitched to everything else in the universe my first summer in the sierra even if we first go out to look at birds we find a whole community of plants insects mushrooms and other organisms all interacting with each other, john muir and pacific crest trails yosemite national - the pacific crest national scenic trail stretches 2 650 miles from mexico to canada along the mountainous crest of the cascades and the sierra nevada and through the mojave desert yosemite contains nearly 70 miles of the pacific crest trail in yosemite the trail s highest point is 11 056 feet at donohue pass at the park s southern border and the lowest spot is 7 560 feet near benson lake, wilderness permits yosemite national park u s national - free wilderness permits are required year round for any overnight stay in the yosemite wilderness this does not include frontcountry campgrounds and lodging facilities permits are not required for day hikes except if hiking to half dome wilderness permits are only issued to a limited number, sierra pacific industries endgame corporate profile - spi has sold some land holdings north of the sacramento river the southern pacific railroad land grant between 1850 and 1870 during the homestead era the federal government passed dozens of public lands laws which allowed railroad corporations to sell federal lands in order to raise the capital necessary for the construction of the nation s railroad system