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handbook of the birds of the world wikipedia - the handbook of the birds of the world hbw is a multi volume series produced by the spanish publishing house lynx edicions in partnership with birdlife international it is the first handbook to cover every known living species of bird the series is edited by josep del hoyo andrew elliott jordi sargatal and david a christie all 16 volumes have been published, aves taxonomy in flux references - references abbott c l and m c double 2003a phylogeography of shy and white capped albatrosses inferred from mitochondrial dna sequences implications for, bird biogeography people search eastern kentucky - fossil record and phylogeny of ornithurine birds ornithurine bird like as opposed to sauriurine reptile like e g archaeopteryx solid lines show geological ranges of taxa with first and last occurrences shown by squares, catalogue of the private bird skin and skeleton collection - note that a bird frosen for a short time say one to twenty days will nearly always have a higher weight than the first recorded own obs, ptaki wikipedia wolna encyklopedia - pierwsza klasyfikacja ptak w zosta a stworzona w 1676 r przez francisa willughby ego i johna raya w tomie ornithologiae karol linneusz zmodyfikowa t prac w 1758 r tworz c systema naturae system klasyfikacji taksonomicznej b d cy obecnie w u yciu zrewidowany i zmodernizowany w taksonomii linneusza ptaki zosta y sklasyfikowane przez niego jako gromada aves z j z