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tehillim with rashi s commentary the oliner edition - tehillim psalms are recited by us all yet how often do we crave deeper meaning in the timeless words in this ground breaking work rashi s commentary clearly translated and annotated into english gives just that deeper dimension, amazon com tehillim books - online shopping from a great selection at books store tehillim book of psalms with english translation commentary with commentary from the talmud midrash kabbalah classic commentators and the chasidic masters, sefer hayashar midrash wikipedia - the sefer hayashar first edition 1552 is a hebrew midrash also known as the toledot adam and dibre ha yamim be aruk the hebrew title may be translated sefer hayashar book of the correct record but it is known in english translation mostly as the book of jasher following english tradition the book is named after the book of jasher mentioned in joshua and 2 samuel, judaism 101 torah jewfaq org - the word torah is a tricky one because it can mean different things in different contexts in its most limited sense torah refers to the five books of moses genesis exodus leviticus numbers and deuteronomy but the word torah can also be used to refer to the entire jewish bible the body of scripture known to non jews as the old testament and to jews as the tanakh or written torah, the days of noah betemunah org - 1 clearly implying all excesses of an immoral generation this was lechery as well as coercion and theft rashi explains even a married woman even a male even a beast adultery pederasty and bestiality lead to the destruction of humanity, septennial shmita torah cycle the watchman - nearly every verse of every psalm is a description of david s life in a sense the psalms are an autobiography of king david s life since david was given his seventy year life span from adam and since mashiach is the second adam then we understand that the psalms also speak of mashiach further mashiach is called the son of david this teaches us that the psalms are in a way an