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real estate investing how to find cash buyers and - i downloaded five free kindle books about flipping houses this one was the fifth one read and was the most sedate of the bunch doesn t go too deep into how to find sellers or buyers but does go into some detail about how to set up a communication system between you to the buyers once you have a house contracted, real estate amazon com - i was preparing to make the leap from the monotonous corporate world to real estate and this book helped to seal the deal after receiving two recommendations from future colleagues to read this book i finally purchased used from amazon thanks this book, the evaporation of housing inventory what a continued - the 10 year treasury has crept up to 2 72 as i write this this is the benchmark rate for mortgage rate settings a 170bps spread between the benchmark and mortgage rates is about average which puts the 30 year mortgage at 4 42, bibme free bibliography citation maker mla apa - citing and more add citations directly into your paper check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes, fantastically irresponsible greater fool authored by - 322 comments 1 keith on 08 27 17 at 4 20 pm i left a stable job with one of canada s largest banks i also left behind a defined benefit pension a means of capitalizing a book of business when i wanted to retire funded by the bank and a future income of 400 k a year in salary commissions, podcast black entrepreneur blueprint - join black entrepreneur blueprint as we welcome some of the most exciting and renowned black entrepreneurs to our weekly interview podcast the black entrepreneur blueprint podcast show gives you the opportunity to learn from successful black entrepreneurs as they take read more, section 8 rentals the good the bad and the ugly creonline - do you remember the clint eastwood western movie the good the bad and the ugly investing in real estate and renting to section 8 tenants is much the same a lot of landlords love section 8 and a lot of landlords try it out and find it is bad and ugly to deal with, 14 financial milestones worth celebrating the white coat - the vast majority of physicians and most other high income professionals leave training with a negative net worth i encourage them to live like a resident for the first 2 5 years of their career i remind medical students and residents all the time that they are the poorest people in the world, the real life of a tenure track faculty person a guest - i so appreciated this perspective on the economic realities of the tenure track and i have 2 comments to make in response 1 i moved to my current tt position large research univ state land grant institution after 1 year at a small town branch campus whose major benefit was a strong faculty union, cbsn live video cbs news breaking news live news - watch corey lewandowski and david bossie break down why they disagree with the senate intelligence committee on robert mueller s investigation into russian a cbsn video on cbsnews com view, how to scam people for money kopywriting kourse - the real key to success is making great products and putting a lot of hard work into them lol f ck that we don t like this hard work stuff, how to prepare for an economic depression shtf plan - the new improved 1984 george orwell s prescient book 1984 envisioned a technologically enabled authoritarian state of ubiquitous surveillance propaganda and fear that constantly rewrote history to suit the needs of the present regime, a stop at disenchantment the social retreating of men - a stop at willoughby is a twilight zone episode from the early 60 s it is a sad wistful piece about a man who is not long for the intense pressures of the modern world, what they can t take the only thing you own are the - we can say without a shadow of a doubt that 99 9 of the establishment media never saw it coming ahead of the 2008 credit collapse they not only failed to warn the american public about what was happening beneath the surface but they publicly mocked and laughed at those who urged investors to exit, roommate nation 30 percent of working adults are now - with the rent being too damn high many americans are now opting to live with a roommate or two or three in the case of san francisco and los angeles we now have a record number of adult americans living with roommates, death threats against bush at protests ignored for years - threats against bush at public protests a protester with a sign saying kill bush and advocating that the white house be bombed at the march 18 2007 anti war rally in san francisco, the average 401k balance by age daily capital - 401ks are one of the most common investment vehicles that americans use to save for retirement for most of us the 401k is an employer sponsored plan that allows you to save for retirement in a tax sheltered way up to 18 500 per year in 2018 to help maximize your retirement dollars, can relationships that start as affairs succeed revisited - i have just come across clarification on a statistic i cited in can relationships that start as affairs succeed in that post i stated that 25 of relationships that start as affairs succeed, why your house is a terrible investment jlcollinsnh com - a house is a terrible investment it is a depreciating asset that gets worn out and needs constant maintenance people s tastes change over time and thus they don t want the characteristics of older homes, list of countries with universal healthcare true cost - update 1 21 2013 with the supreme court s decision to uphold the aca aka obamacare and president obama s inauguration to a second term today the us will have universal health care in 2014 using an insurance mandate system