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battle of greece wikipedia - the battle of greece also known as operation marita german unternehmen marita is the common name for the invasion of allied greece by fascist italy and nazi germany in april 1941 during world war ii the italian invasion in october 1940 which is usually known as the greco italian war was followed by the german invasion in april 1941 german landings on the island of crete may 1941 came, deutsch sowjetischer krieg wikipedia - 1941 bia ystok minsk dubno luzk riwne smolensk uman kiew odessa leningrader blockade wjasma brjansk charkow rostow moskau tula 1942 rschew charkow unternehmen blau unternehmen braunschweig unternehmen edelwei stalingrad operation mars 1943 woronesch charkow operation iskra nordkaukasus charkow unternehmen, den tyske invasjonen av sovjetunionen wikipedia - til 9 juli 1941 til 1 september 1941 til 9 september 1941 til 5 desember 1941 i den avgj rende sentrale sektoren foran hviterussland hvor 800 stridsvogner fra pansergruppe 2 stod oppmarsjert bak bug ble begge broene over elven s r for brest litovsk erobret uten kamp under den innledende stormen nord for byen ble elven krysset av 18 divisjon som deretter foretok et framst t over, world war ii adolf hitler timeline - a bizarre image of one of history s biggest tyrants surrounded by children on his 50th birthday world war ii adolf hitler timeline september 30 hitler signs the munich agreement with the leaders of england france and italy this act of so called allied appeasement paved the way for the german invasion of czechoslovakia, belejringen af leningrad wikipedia den frie encyklop di - baggrund finland var blevet sl et af sovjetunionen under vinterkrigen i vinteren 1939 40 og m tte afst landomr der i det stlige finland da tyskerne indledte operation barbarossa gik finland til angreb p sovjet for at tilbageerobre de tabte landomr der i august 1941 var finnerne tr ngt frem 20 km fra de nordlige forst der til leningrad og truede byen nordfra, why were russia s casualties so disproportionately high - first 5 marshalls of the soviet union 2 survived to see the onset of the war phase 1 initial invasion lack of preparedness apparently allegedly stalin did not expect hitler to invade russia for many years as there was a non aggression treaty in place his forces were caught completely unprepared, matrix games what s your strategy - command live commonwealth collision release date 10 may 2018 india and pakistan have been in an armed conflict since partition and independence one that periodically flares into a major war as it did in 1948 1965 1971 and 1999, matrix games what s your strategy - birth of america ii wars in america 1750 1815 is the expanded reprise of veteran developer ageods acclaimed first release which allows players to command either side of the conflicts before during and after the american war for independence between 1636 and 1815, grognard com computer wargames grognard com - grognard com derivative slang for wargamer is an extensive archive of wargame board game and computer game related review strategy errata variant and historical articles and files, adolf hitler biography life children name death - adolf hitler was born on april 20 1889 in the small austrian town of braunau on the inn river along the bavarian german border the son of an extremely strong willed austrian customs official his early youth seems to have been controlled by his father until his death in 1903 adolf soon became, panserslaget ved kursk wikipedia den frie encyklop di - baggrund da slaget om stalingrad langsomt n rmede sig sin afslutning gik den sovjetiske h r over til en generel offensiv i syd og pressede de udmattede tyske styrker hitlers tro p at hans jernvilje ville v re den afg rende faktor i kampene resulterede i at de tyske styrker blev bundet i et stivnet forsvar der ikke tillod dem frihed til at bev ge sig siden december havde manstein, adolf hitler wikipedia kamusi elezo huru - hitler alifuata mwanzoni siasa ya kukusanya wajerumani wote wa ulaya katika dola la ujerumani mwaka 1938 alifaulu kuteka austria na maeneo ya wajerumani katika ucheki bila upingamizi wa kimataifa lakini aliposhambulia poland tarehe 1 septemba 1939 tendo hili lilikuwa mwanzo wa vita kuu ya pili ya dunia kwa sababu uingereza na ufaransa walisimama imara kwa mikataba ya kusaidiana na poland