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world war ii north africa campaign historynet - the battle for north africa was a struggle for control of the suez canal and access to oil from the middle east and raw materials from asia oil in particular had become a critical strategic commodity due to the increased mechanization of modern armies britain which was the first major nation to, iraq 1941 the battles for basra habbaniya fallujah and - iraq 1941 the battles for basra habbaniya fallujah and baghdad campaign robert lyman howard gerrard on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the events in iraq in 1941 had crucial strategic consequences the country s oil reserves were a highly coveted prize for the axis powers, erwin rommel new world encyclopedia - the campaign in africa earned rommel the nickname the desert fox he spent most of 1941 building up his forces the italian component of which had suffered a string of defeats at the hands of british commonwealth forces under major general richard o connor, rommel s afrika korps historynet - there is no more evocative phrase to emerge from world war ii than afrika korps the name conjures up a unique theater of war a hauntingly beautiful empty quarter where armies could roam free liberated from towns and hills chokepoints and blocking positions and especially those pesky civilians, crusader cruiser mk vi tank encyclopedia - an early production crusader mk i libya operation crusader november 1941 a crusader mk i cs close support these converted versions were equipped with a 3 7 in 94 mm l15 howitzer firing smoke rounds, the desert war then and now jean paul pallud - the desert war then and now jean paul pallud on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers na, battle of france 1940 the art of battle - the decision to include italian divisions in the total strength of the germany and allies was an easy one italy only officially declared war after the battle was decided and attacked even later but the presence of 32 divisions in the alps must be appreciated, ww2 british tanks and armored cars tank encyclopedia - the vickers carden loyd mark vi was the most exported and most produced tankette from 1927 to 1935 born as a concept from army engineer major giffard lequesne martel it reduced the armored mobility concept to its very core 450 were built most exported although many served with the british armored forces, alex shoumatoff on the bohemian club vanity fair - left an undated photograph from inside the bohemian grove right john jock hooper club member turned redwood crusader portrait by karen kuehn, french military victories global defense reference - 1942 battle of bir hakeim may 26th june 11th charged with delaying a combined german italian force of 45 000 led by general erwin rommel the free french force under the command of brigade general marie pierre koenig and numbering 3 700 men digs their heels in the libyan desert