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western desert campaign wikipedia - the western desert campaign desert war took place in the deserts of egypt and libya and was the main theatre in the north african campaign during the second world war the campaign began in september 1940 with the italian invasion of egypt operation compass a british five day raid in december 1940 led to the destruction of the italian 10th army, north africa campaigns battles combatants - north africa campaigns the north africa campaigns were a series of world war ii battles for control of the suez canal a vital lifeline for britain s colonial empire and the oil resources of the middle east learn more about the history and significance of the north africa campaigns in this article, rommel s afrika korps historynet - just how good were rommel and his legendary afrika korps, books at on military matters - books at on military matters updated as of 1 17 2019 abbreviations dj dust jacket biblio bibliography b w black and white illust illustrations b c book club addition, world war ii wikipedia - japan which aimed to dominate asia and the pacific was at war with china by 1937 though neither side had declared war on the other world war ii is generally said to have begun on 1 september 1939 with the invasion of poland by germany and subsequent declarations on germany by france and the united kingdom from late 1939 to early 1941 in a series of campaigns and treaties germany