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parenting with stories creating a foundation of - parenting with stories creating a foundation of attachment for parenting your child melissa nichols denise lacher joanne may on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this book presents a gentle nurturing technique based on narrative therapy to help encourage a secure parent child attachment relationship presented in a step by step workbook format, raising a secure child how circle of security parenting - if you are looking for a practical wise science based and accessible guide to creating the kind of attachment your child needs to optimize development you ve come to the right place what a gift raising a secure child is for us for our children and for the world a masterpiece from the foreword by daniel j siegel md coauthor of the whole brain child, books education for parents books on parenting - resources for parents over the last generation parents have felt increasingly intimidated by child care experts and have largely surrendered their role as the primary educators of their children, five worst parenting books evolutionary parenting - parents often find themselves looking for advice on how to raise their kids it s not surprising in a society in which we spend so little time around children that we go into this parenting business with little to no experience, parenting wisdom and success stories from everyday heroes - dear dr laura i have always tried to stay on the path of non coercive parenting and striven to inspire cooperation rather than forcing it the biggest challenge to my patience has always been when my three year old daughter seems to be willfully refusing to cooperate, my problems with rie evolutionary parenting where - rie is a parenting philosophy espoused by magda gerber with a wonderful focus on respect for an infant it s surprising that some people still feel off about the theory as a whole this is my take on the problems within rie and why i find it lacking, 5 unique benefits of waldorf education root parenting - homeschooled children less dependent on peers root parenting early child development research and insights said been since 1930 this is somewhat ironic since germany is the homeland of rudolph steiner and waldorf education a very grass roots age appropriate approach to education which a strong emphasis on the arts, how to discipline your foster child foster and adoptive - the spectre of spanking looms over every parent traditionally a method of discipline aimed at correcting a child s behavior spanking has become a rather controversial topic in parenting, why do people become foster parents foster parents stories - glenda thank you for sharing your concerns and for your commitment to children in foster care as a foster adoptive parent you do have a voice, little children big challenges incarceration sesame - the need the number of children with an incarcerated parent has increased nearly 80 in the past 20 years 1 nearly 2 7 million children have a parent in state or federal prison yet few resources exist to support young children and families coping, dr isabelle fox on overnight visitations as harmful as - by rita brhel managing editor and attachment parenting resource leader api isabelle fox phd attachment parenting international regularly fields questions from members regarding different aspects of attachment child development and challenging family situations easily the largest area of concern is among divorced and separated parents who are involved in custody cases in which the