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episode 24 pups gain weight transcript adventures of - this baby can make the paw patrol eat every food in the whole entire adventure bay giving them a weight gain of their lives buttler from hungry pups to bloated pups actually lord betrayus oooh, skye and marshall s feeding frenzy part 2 paw patrol - the scene cuts to were each of the paw patrol used the room with the recorded camera to discuss about skye and marshall s feeding frenzy ryder goes first ryder i thought slender man was one thing but the way marshall and skye did was totally out of character even for them, chase x skye weight gain story by bloodhoundpreston on - say skye said chase i think you gained a little weight skye looked down and noticed her stomach has gotten a little bigger you re right chase said skye i am a little plump now chase patted skye on her head and they went back outside to play tag, truth or dare chapter 8 round 7 a paw patrol fanfic - seriously everest it s amazing how much you can eat without worry of your weight said marshall in awe everest glared at him are you calling me fat red alert signs went up in marshall head rule number one of any girl be it human or pup was never mention hint or even suggest they were fat god help you if you ever directly said it, episode 24 pups gain weight adventures of the paw - pups gain weight is the twenty fourth episode of the hit tv series adventures of the paw patrol in this episode when the ghost gang gave the necromorph slime to the paw patrol pups marshall rubble chase rocky zuma skye everest and tracker gained a lot of weight by being bloated up pups, vamp pains paw patrol fanon wiki fandom powered by wikia - and you can t gain weight from drinking blood chase opens behind only if u don t drink from pups you tend to drink more from wild and well rocky i thought you were asleep chase i saw marshall and zuma head to jakes mountain paw patrol fanon wiki is a fandom tv community, kid cub expansion writing com - welcome to the kid cub expansion interaction where kid cubs become inflated or weight gain since the original is now lost to the internet i thought i revive the interactive male female expansion popping male breast expansion breast expansion lactation butt expansion pregnancy male pregnancy and many more, rocky s blunder a paw patrol fanfic fanfiction - if you were to ask anybody on the streets of adventure bay who the smartest person in town was they would all point to ryder he was the inventor of most of the machines used in the lookout and for paw patrol however if you were to ask who the smartest pup was everyone would tell you it was rocky, pups save big hairy paw patrol wiki fandom powered by - when mayor goodway spots him using the city hall flagpole as his means to scratch his back she calls the paw patrol at the lookout the paw patroller has just arrived back from the jungle when ryder gets mayor goodway s call for help and summons the pups to the lookout, paw patrol character meet greet shopping retail in - paw patrol themed craft taylor swift opens up about weight gain and body image issues national news 3 year old boy loses eye in flare gun accident national news, paw patrol characters in real life - today i am going to show you paw petrol all characters that exist in real life if you like my video then hit like and subscribe for more videos subscribe to my channel for more similar videos we