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emergency preparedness food the new survivalist - the golden rule of food storage store what you use and use what you store all foods have a limited shelf life no matter how they are stored or preserved, section 7 storage of horticultural crops - source mcgregor b m 1989 tropical products transport handbook usda office of transportation agricultural handbook 668 compatibility groups for storage of fruits vegetables and floral crops, mother earth news store - the mother earth news online store has books and products to help you achieve self sufficiency and live sustainably gardening beekeeping poultry cookbooks diy projects and plans and more, how to dehydrate foods for long term storage - although i claim to forget about my dehydrator i really don t i tend to check on it every few hours turn the trays around flip the vegetables so i know they re not sticking to the tray and just overall check on the progress, kidsgardening lesson plans food preservation - download exploring food preservation exploring food preservation the following is adapted from a lesson printed in books in bloom books in bloom invites children on a special literary adventure to learn about science while also exploring the garden written by valerie bang jensen mark lubkowitz it includes 17 chapters each profiling a popular children s book with related garden inspired, top 10 off grid food preservation methods - long before the advent of electricity mankind has always found creative off grid food preservation methods in order to get through the barren times some of these storage methods added only a few weeks to the life of the food some were meant to last through a few months of winter and yet other, coconut milk shampoo bar recipe small footprint family - wearing protective gloves and eyewear carefully stir the lye into the distilled water then set the lye solution aside in a safe place to cool for about 30 to 40 minutes or until the temperature drops to around 100 to 110 f 38 to 43 c, canning tomatoes what is best citric acid vinegar or - hi jessica to acidify tomatoes to make them safe for canning add 1 4 teaspoon to pint jars and 1 2 teaspoon to quart jars you just add the citric acid to the jar and then fill with tomatoes using the packing method you have chosen e g crushed tomatoes hot pack whole peeled tomatoes cold pack or whatever, homemade non toxic laundry detergent recipe small - in order to properly clean your clothes you need to change the ph of the water which will remove a wide variety of stains washing soda is the simplest safest and most effective way of doing this and why it s included in most eco friendly laundry detergents, before you plant sunchokes you need to read this post - how do you grow sunchokes sunchokes are grown from roots or sections of root typically planted in spring or fall while roots are dormant click here to order sunchoke tubers for best results use the following planting guidelines, 250 books that will help rebuild civilization the - the organic prepper website is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon com, pioneer woman at heart - on my prayer list the kids i have some news on one of them but can t share it just yet and no no one is pregnant thank goodness the other news is that our nephew and his wife are selling their trailer and buying a house, powell s books the world s largest independent bookstore - shop new used rare and out of print books powell s is an independent bookstore based in portland oregon browse staff picks author features and more, article index backwoods home magazine - the complete printable index of all articles published in backwoods home magazine from issue 1 to 175 is available free in pdf format click to get free adobe pdf reader, canoe vid os vedettes tendances voyage - votre portail d information sur l actualit la culture le showbiz les sports la sant les technologies la finance les voyages la mode et l habitation, obituaries your life moments - obituaries for the last 7 days on your life moments, bonny doon vineyard blog bonny doon vineyard - it occurs to me that i m very comfortable to use cigare as an occasion to talk about clever winemaking innovations we ve implemented the use of demijohns and lees hotels for example the sublimity of this clone or that clone the magic of air dried grapes the mystery of reductive levage en bonbonne all the winemaking tricks that the show off kid in me wants to share