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systematic review efficacy and safety of neurology - objective to determine the efficacy of medical marijuana in several neurologic conditions methods we performed a systematic review of medical marijuana 1948 november 2013 to address treatment of symptoms of multiple sclerosis ms epilepsy and movement disorders we graded the studies according to the american academy of neurology classification scheme for therapeutic articles, frontal assessment battery and differential diagnosis of - backgroundthe different distribution of pathologic features in frontotemporal dementia ftd and alzheimer disease ad predicts a predominant dysexecutive synd, a brief measure for assessing generalized anxiety disorder - relationship between gad 7 severity score and sf 20 health related quality of life scales, hoehn and yahr scale wikipedia - the hoehn and yahr scale is a commonly used system for describing how the symptoms of parkinson s disease progress it was originally published in 1967 in the journal neurology by melvin yahr and margaret hoehn and included stages 1 through 5 since then a modified hoehn and yahr scale was proposed with the addition of stages 1 5 and 2 5 to help describe the intermediate course of the disease, developing and validating parkinson s disease subtypes and - objectives to use a data driven approach to determine the existence and natural history of subtypes of parkinson s disease pd using two large independent cohorts of patients newly diagnosed with this condition methods 1601 and 944 patients with idiopathic pd from tracking parkinson s and discovery cohorts respectively were evaluated in motor cognitive and non motor domains at the, hamilton rating scale for depression wikipedia - external links hrsd online calculator the hamilton rating scale for depression pdf 49 0 kb clinically useful psychiatric scales ham d hamilton depression rating scale accessed march 6 2009, med ed program list mededseminars net - med ed programs are available to bring to yours hospital or are available live through our e learning center, drug harms in the uk a multicriteria decision analysis - mcda modelling showed that heroin crack cocaine and metamfetamine were the most harmful drugs to individuals part scores 34 37 and 32 respectively whereas alcohol heroin and crack cocaine were the most harmful to others 46 21 and 17 respectively, mild cognitive impairment sciencedirect - the operational definition of amnestic mild cognitive impairment proposed by petersen 9 has been used repeatedly in randomised controlled trials with some variations on the test for delayed recall and cutoff scores to distinguish people with mild cognitive impairment from healthy individuals 16 17 38 39 these apparently minor differences in entry criteria for the level of memory, treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism or - backgroundsubclinical thyroid disease during pregnancy may be associated with adverse outcomes including a lower than normal iq in offspring it is unknown whether levothyroxine treatment of, management of children with autism spectrum disorders - pediatricians have an important role not only in early recognition and evaluation of autism spectrum disorders but also in chronic management of these disorders the primary goals of treatment are to maximize the child s ultimate functional independence and quality of life by minimizing the core autism spectrum disorder features facilitating development and learning promoting socialization, open label placebo treatment in chronic low back pain a - this randomized controlled trial was performed to investigate whether placebo effects in chronic low back pain could be harnessed ethically by adding open label placebo olp treatment to treatment as usual tau for 3 weeks pain severity was assessed on three 0 to 10 point numeric rating scales, the comprehensive r archive network - windows and mac users most likely want to download the precompiled binaries listed in the upper box not the source code the sources have to be compiled before you can use them if you do not know what this means you probably do not want to do it the latest release 2018 07 02 feather spray r 3, american sickle cell anemia association united way agency - 1 a m j hematol 2017 dec 20 doi 10 1002 ajh 25013 epub ahead of print sleep disordered breathing does not predict acute severe pain episodes in children with sickle cell anemia, pazopanib versus sunitinib in metastatic renal cell - background pazopanib and sunitinib provided a progression free survival benefit as compared with placebo or interferon in previous phase 3 studies involving patients with metastatic renal cell, diagnostic accuracy of multi parametric mri and trus - using mp mri to triage men might allow 27 of patients avoid a primary biopsy and diagnosis of 5 fewer clinically insignificant cancers if subsequent trus biopsies were directed by mp mri findings up to 18 more cases of clinically significant cancer might be detected compared with the standard pathway of trus biopsy for all mp mri used as a triage test before first prostate biopsy could