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superman vol 1 what price tomorrow the new 52 - a new york times best seller as a part of the acclaimed dc comics the new 52 event of september 2011 comics legend george perez and artist jesus merino present the new adventures of the man of steel, superman action comics vol 1 superman and the men of - a new york times best seller dc comics took a bold step and renumbered the longest running monthly comic action comics to 1 for the first time since 1938 as part of the dc comics the new 52 event with this renumbering comes a new creative team featuring comics legend grant morrison and fan favorite artist rag morales, harley s haven longest running hq website on the net - check it out here s every appearance harley has made throughout comics and cartoons i didn t keep track in my absence so the majority of this list has been reproduced with kind permission by the unbelievably cool jeremy from collecting harley a fabulous site however i have been maintaining the most recent appearances independently, batman franchise media wikipedia - since his first appearance in 1939 batman has been adapted into various media such as film radio television and video games as well as numerous merchandising items the batman franchise is the sixth highest grossing franchise of all time having made an estimated us 23 8 billion, the league of extraordinary gentlemen omnibus by alan - i bought this book because i m a big fan of the movie but the book like all other books that turn movie is nothing like the movie along with a different story plot and different roles that characters play this book is very very graphic