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nuclear strategy after the cold war britannica com - nuclear strategy after the cold war the demise of the postwar alliance system and the rapid contraction of the soviet empire in europe required a rapid reassessment of strategy for nato the traditional calculus was turned upside down there was no longer a conventionally superior opponent in all respects nato was far more powerful than any other group of countries, this page left intentionally blank defense gov - v missile defense review china is aggressively pursuing a wide range of mobile air and missile defense capabilities including the purchase of s 400 systems from russia each with four interceptor, nato official text brussels summit declaration issued - brussels summit declaration issued by the heads of state and government participating in the meeting of the north atlantic council in brussels 11 12 july 2018, jp 1 doctrine for the armed forces of the united states - joint publication 1 doctrine for the armed forces of the united states is the capstone publication for all joint doctrine presenting fundamental principles and overarching guidance for the employment of the armed forces of the united states, warsaw summit communiqu issued by the heads of state - warsaw summit communiqu content nato s essential mission para 2 tribute to service men and women para 3 nato in diverse and unpredictable security environment para 4 6, breakout inside china s military buildup reuters com - for anxious neighbors though the tough talk backed up with firepower delivered over a three decade military buildup is sending an unnerving signal that a rising china may be ready to use force, the harvest of justice is sown in peace - the harvest of justice is sown in peace for those who cultivate peace james 3 18, weapons of mass destruction international relations - general overviews chemical biological radiological or nuclear weapons each pose differing challenges to international peace and security often leading scholarly publications to focus on one category of wmd and one discrete aspect such as the proliferation of relevant materials of the challenge posed by the weapons and delivery systems within this category, rebuilding america s defenses a summary - rebuilding america s defenses a summary blueprint of the pnac plan for u s global hegemony some people have compared it to hitler s publication of mein kampf which was ignored until after the war was over, nae website the evolution of military aviation - in the twenty first century we will see the dawn of the space fleet in the 100th year of powered manned flight it is appropriate that we step back and review the evolution of military aviation and look ahead to the future, china russia building super emp bombs for blackout warfare - by bill gertz follow billgertz january 24 2019 5 00 am several nations including china and russia are building powerful nuclear bombs designed to produce super electromagnetic pulse emp, india s defence modernisation challenges and prospects - articulating india s defence needs and requirements india s defence requirements are likely to be influenced especially by the external factors such as the threats that emanate from two of its primary adversaries i e pakistan and china, the national security strategy of the united states of america - the national security strategy of the united states of america the great struggles of the twentieth century between liberty and totalitarianism ended with a decisive victory for the forces of freedom and a single sustainable model for national success freedom democracy and free enterprise, dan coats contradicts trump on threats from isis russia - and earlier in january trump also said there didn t seem to be signs that north korea is advancing its nuclear program now i say this north korea we re doing very well and again no, critical issues facing africa terrorism war and - captured boko haram weaponry via heather murdoch voa critical issues facing africa terrorism war and political violence, world politics review news wire march 15 2019 - forty nine people are dead and scores more are injured after a heavily armed gunman clad in military style gear opened fire during prayers at a mosque in the center of christchurch new zealand, saudi arabia russia ink 3 huge energy deals oilprice com - cyril widdershoven dr cyril widdershoven is a long time observer of the global energy market presently he holds several advisory positions with international think tanks in the middle, admiral defends navy after disasters at sea other ships - dan lamothe dan lamothe joined the washington post in 2014 to cover the u s military and the pentagon he has written about the armed forces for more than a decade traveling extensively, india s military might the real truth - the indian armed forces have been mandated to fight a 30 day high intensity war on two fronts north and west to sustain the effort and to retain certain flexibility the government has promulgated the 30 30 concept for most war reserves including ammunition and missiles for most major weapons especially tanks and guns which are required to deliver the heavier fire power in combat, 10 key national security challenges in 2015 american - perspective getting to a deal with north korea dec 17 2018 by american security project this report examines the united states negotiating strategy with north korea and suggests key changes the us should make to reach a nuclear deal with north korea, eight priorities for the african union in 2019 crisis group - in 2019 the african union faces many challenges with conflicts old and new simmering across the continent to help resolve these crises our annual survey lists seven particularly pressing ones the regional organisation should also push ahead with institutional reforms, article expired the japan times - the article you have been looking for has expired and is not longer available on our system this is due to newswire licensing terms, fm 100 20 chapter 1 fundamentals of low intensity conflict - what is important is to understand the role of military force and the role of other responses and how these fit together low intensity conflict is a political military confrontation between, russia s stand off capability the 800 pound gorilla in - size does matter and so does range and speed whenever anyone talks about weapons it seems that there is a great deal of confusion which perpetuates itself in regards to a relatively small russian military contingent in syria, harpoon3 6 1980 2015 db2000 database scenarios - harpoon3 6 1980 2015 db2000 database scenarios important note all further work on the commercial versions of computer harpoon was suspended in mid 2013 after more than two decades the guys behind harpoonhq now warfaresims saw the signs of computer harpoon s collapse as early as 2006 and started developing our own simulator named command modern air naval operations which was, 10 conflicts to watch in 2019 crisis group - still for better and for worse u s power and alliances have for years shaped international affairs set limits and structured regional orders, the obama doctrine the atlantic - the obama doctrine the u s president talks through his hardest decisions about america s role in the world, who would win in an all out battle star wars or star trek - 3 the treatment of technology dramatically complicates the task of comparison star trek consciously attempted to provide at least some basis however weak or novel for the science behind their, a senior russian diplomat confirms russia is preparing - the essential saker ii civilizational choices and geopolitics the russian challenge to the hegemony of the anglozionist empire, towards a more comprehensive understanding of lethality - dr w a bill rivera is the director of the laboratory for unconventional conflict analysis and simulation lucas and founder and ceo of computational security services css a firm that integrates theory empirical research and computational science to solve complex problems