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first indochina war wikipedia - vietnam was absorbed into french indochina in stages between 1858 and 1887 nationalism grew until world war ii provided a break in french control early vietnamese resistance centered on the intellectual phan b i ch u ch u looked to japan which had modernized and was one of the few asian nations to successfully resist european colonization, the american empire ahealedplanet net - the american empire by wade frazier revised july 2014 purpose and disclaimer timeline introduction the new world before discovery and the first contacts, the tet offensive the turning point in the vietnam war - in the early hours of 31st january 1968 70 000 north vietnamese soldiers together with guerrilla fighters of the nlf launched one of the most daring military campaigns in history the tet offensive was the real turning point in the vietnam war on its, the vietnam war useful notes tv tropes - following the sino french war of 1884 5 which ended in a decisive french victory vietnam was no longer a tributary of the empire of the qing and soon integrated into france s asian colony of indochine the kingdom of siam was preserved as a neutral buffer state between indochine and the british raj which had extended into modern day burma though both sides shaved off ever increasing, the vietnam war peace history united states foreign - this essay delves deeply into the origins of the vietnam war critiques u s justifications for intervention examines the brutal conduct of the war and discusses the antiwar movement with a separate section on protest songs, coin french counter insurgency aircraft 1946 1965 - the 1950s 60s and 70s were the era of the limited war and the low intensity conflict all but a handful of the wars of the period were in essence small unit actions dragged out over years, raymond aubrac wikip dia - raymond aubrac de son vrai nom raymond samuel n le 31 juillet 1914 vesoul 1 et mort le 10 avril 2012 2 3 4 paris est un r sistant fran ais l occupation nazie et au r gime de vichy pendant la seconde guerre mondiale ing nieur civil des ponts et chauss es promotion 1937 il est sp cialement connu pour s tre engag avec son pouse lucie aubrac d s 1940 dans