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the just bento cookbook everyday lunches to go makiko - the just bento cookbook everyday lunches to go makiko itoh makiko doi on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers bento fever has recently swept across the west fuelled not just by an interest in cute decorative food, bento basics just bento - what is bento bento written or obento to use the honorific term is the japanese word for a meal served in a box beyond that basic definition though just about anything goes as to what kind of box or container is used as well as what is put inside that box, complete bento lists just bento - here on just bento a complete bento article has a list of components with links to the recipes for each an approximate calorie count the time it took in the morning to assemble the bento and in most cases a timeline graphic some complete bentos also have information on what bento box was used there are also several post with also ran bentos with brief descriptions and photos, hawaii s bento box cookbook 2nd course susan yuen - this book is the sequel to susan yuen s first bento cookbook and once again brings readers lots of recipes instructions and cute character ideas, just one cookbook japanese food and recipe blog with - hayashi rice or sometimes called hashed beef is a popular western style stew made with, justhungry japanese recipes more since 2003 - welcome to just hungry serving authentic japanese recipes thoughts on japanese culture and other delicious tidbits since 2003 i m your host makiko aka maki, yakitori recipe just one cookbook - yakitori literally means grilled chicken and also refers to skewered food in general yakitori is commonly made with bite sized pieces of chicken meat chicken offal or other meats and vegetables skewered on a bamboo stick and grilled over binch tan charcoal yakitori are usually available in izakaya restaurants japanese tapas and as well as specialty yakitori restaurants that