Valley Fever Epidemic -

valley fever awareness features cdc - valley fever is a fungal lung infection that can be devastating learning about valley fever can help you and your doctor recognize the symptoms early valley fever is an infection caused by a fungus that lives in the soil about 10 000 cases are reported in the united states each year mostly from, the silent epidemic of valley fever in the southwest u s - valley fever a potentially fatal dust borne infection caused by a soil dwelling fungus has lurked in the deserts of the southwest united states for hundreds of years if not longer but in the past decade the disease has seen an uptick in cases leading to a silent epidemic according to the centers for disease control and prevention, rift valley fever wikipedia - rift valley fever rvf is a viral disease that can cause mild to severe symptoms the mild symptoms may include fever muscle pains and headaches which often last for up to a week the severe symptoms may include loss of sight beginning three weeks after the infection infections of the brain causing severe headaches and confusion and bleeding together with liver problems which may occur, rift valley fever who int - rift valley fever rvf is a viral zoonosis that primarily affects animals but also has the capacity to infect humans infection can cause severe disease in both animals and humans the disease also results in significant economic losses due to death and abortion among rvf infected livestock rvf, who rift valley fever gambia - on 3 january 2018 the ministry of health moh senegal notified who of a case of rift valley fever a 52 year old korean man who was a resident of gambia, valley fever the archaeologist s scourge body horrors - the fungus commonly referred to as cocci has an ancient relationship with the desert soil of the western united states as much a part of the ecology and flora of the san joaquin valley and the, valley fever coccidioidomycosis types of fungal - anyone who lives in or travels to the southwestern united states arizona california nevada new mexico texas or utah or parts of mexico or central or south america can get valley fever, counties on high alert as rift valley fever kills 13 - abortion bleeding and fever are among signs of rift valley fever in animals file standard an outbreak of rift valley fever rvf in north eastern counties has left at least 13 people dead, coccidioidomycosis and valley fever treatment management - coccidioidomycosis is caused by coccidioides immitis a soil fungus native to the san joaquin valley of california see the image below and by c posadasii which is endemic to certain arid to semiarid areas of the southwestern united states northern portions of mexico and scattered areas in central america and south america, short history of yellow fever bob arnebeck - check out my new blog yellow fever casebook historic yellow fever cases in philadelphia and new york in the 1790 s i just added a post comparing the ebola epidemic, federal select agent program select agents and toxins - brucella abortus s2308 phosphoglucomutase deletion mutant pgm vaccine strain of brucella abortus s2308 effective 08 09 2006 the vaccine strain known as b abortus phosphoglucomutase deletion mutant pgm is a genetically modified strain with a 40 deletion of the pgm gene the phosphoglucomutase mutant strain is less virulent than the parental strain 2308 with minimal colonization and, pox americana the great smallpox epidemic of 1775 82 - the astonishing hitherto unknown truths about a disease that transformed the united states at its birth a horrifying epidemic of smallpox was sweeping across the americas when the american revolution began and yet we know almost nothing about it, fever fever patterns and diseases called fever a - fever is a prominent feature of disease since antiquity the febrile response is orchestrated by the central nervous system through endocrine neurological immunological and behavioural mechanisms, mysterious disease x could be the next deadly global - it s a contagion so deadly and mysterious we know nothing about it except that it could be the next global epidemic according to experts at the world health organisation who