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why hospital monopolies are what s wrong with american - hospitals responded to the law by buying up other hospitals increasing market share in an attempt to gain more negotiating clout against health insurers, joel hay what s wrong with american hospitals orange - fifteen years ago the institute of medicine released to err is human reporting that 98 000 americans died each year due to hospital mistakes equivalent to four jumbo jets crashing per week, what s wrong with hospital construction keyes life - a brand new hospital was designed and constructed with surgical pre op holding areas that are open to the corridor inside these areas are medical gas outlets which includes oxygen by definition oxygen is a medical treatment that requires a physician s order but this is not stated in the lsc, va hospitals everything that s wrong with government - without access to private care the government will have to save the day by design and open public clinics and hospitals along the lines of the va system but specifically for aged civilians, here s what s wrong with time based billing in the hospital - addendum 10 56 a m in considering the accurate billable discharge time involved in this case as i have recently been instructed by hospital coders that i must record the exact time required for a patient discharge rather than simply greater than 30 minutes or less than 30 minutes i feel i have stumbled upon a troubling quandary having failed to note the exact time that i began work on this particular patient s discharge process, what s wrong with hospitals pubmed central pmc - full text full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version get a printable copy pdf file of the complete article 491k or click on a page image below to browse page by page, what s wrong with hca hospitals allnurses - i have been employed at an hca hospital for the last 12 years we have no staffing shortage and no large turnover the max patients to nurse ratio is 6 1 with the smallest ratio being 1 1 or 2 1, hospital s killing 450 in massive euthanasia campaign - the gosport scandal concerns the shortening of 456 patients lives through the excessive use of painkillers at the hospital in hampshire between 1989 and 2000 an inquiry the gosport independent panel says such life shortening had become virtually routine the use of the word shortening is striking, general hospital spoilers what s wrong with oscar abc - thankfully jason was there when oscar had his seizure and he races him to the hospital where kim is horrified to see her son wheeled into the emergency room news of her boyfriend s situation reaches josslyn and she too rushes to the hospital to see him, what s wrong with government run healthcare prageru - to deal with the situation hospitals were ordered to postpone non urgent surgeries until the end of the month view source single payer healthcare is extremely expensive, what s wrong with the baby friendly hospital initiative i - nurses are there to check vitals on the mom and the baby to ensure that no complications are occurring after the birth with either patient if nurses are focused solely on the breastfeeding aspect then they are focused on the wrong thing of course this is becoming the case in more and more bfhi hospitals as i recently experienced, what s the trouble at veterans affairs fcw - management what s wrong with it at veterans affairs projects are stalled and top leaders have departed investigations and agency sources paint a bleak picture inside va s it office, what s wrong with this picture pr news penn medicine - a new initiative at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania called soar supporting older adults at risk is working to reverse that trend getting patients home sooner and keeping them there longer